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Jun 21

Tes Jolly's Award-Winning Articles and Photography

Loverboy LivesPOMA (Professional Outdoor Media Association)
2008-1st Place-POMA Pinnacle Award for Magazine Article-Turkey and Turkey Hunting-“Loverboy Lives”

SEOPA (Southeast Outdoor Press Association)
2007-1st Place-Best Outdoor Magazine Article or Feature-Turkey and Turkey Hunting-“Loverboy Lives”

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Below is a comment in the Tree Call column by Turkey and Turkey Hunting editor, Jim Schlender, in the Winter 08 issue about Tes Jolly's 2008 POMA Pinnacle Award for “Loverboy Lives”.

“One of Turkey & Turkey Hunting’s most prominent photographers, Tes Randle Jolly, has continued her award-winning ways, capturing the Professional Outdoor Media Association’s inaugural Pinnacle Award for “Loverboy Lives,” published in the Spring 2007 issue.

POMA’s Pinnacle Awards honor media members for exceptional journalistic achievement in traditional outdoor sports-focused writing, photography/illustration and broadcasting.

The 2008 winners were announced by Mossy Oak public relations director, Tack Robinson, in August at POMA’s third annual business conference in Sioux Falls, S.D. Mossy Oak is the title partner of the awards.

The Professional Outdoor Media Association is a group of individual communicators and corporate partners who believe in, defend, support and promote the heritage of hunting, fishing, shooting and traditional outdoor sports through writing, photography and other means. By doing so, members hope to educate the general public about these sports and encourage more participation in them.”

Jim Schlender, Editor
Turkey and Turkey Hunting

Beyond Golden

SEOPA (Southeastern Outdoor Press Association)
2007-3rd Place-Outdoor Magazine Short Article or Feature-“Beyond Golden”

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Hen Wing Stretch

SEOPA (Southeastern Outdoor Press Association)
2005-3rd Place-Published Outdoor Photograph-National Wild Turkey Federation Calendar-“Hen/Wing Stretch”

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Turkey and Turkey Hunting Cover

SEOPA (Southeastern Outdoor Press Association)
2004-1st Place-Best Published Outdoor Photograph-Turkey and Turkey Hunting magazine-Cover/”Field Turkeys”

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Pipevine Swallowtail on thistleOWAA (Outdoor Writers Association of America)
2004-3rd Place-Color Photograph-“Pipevine Swallowtail on Thistle”

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September in the SmokiesOWAA (Outdoor Writers Association of America)
2003-3rd Place-Color Photograph-“September in the Smokies”

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Belted Kingfisher

SEOPA (Southeastern Outdoor Press Association)
2003-3rd Place-Published Outdoor Photograph-Outdoor Alabama Calendar-“Belted Kingfisher”

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